Reinhard Ermen, in: Kunstforum international, Band 231, 2015, S. 182

In his seemingly exuberant ‘picture kitchen’, Ubbo Kügler maintains the overview. He can effortlessly enlarge the individual sheet showing its pictorial path, from the drawing pen to the brush. For a while he worked with conventional large formats, but for some years now he has been performing the enlargement process in single steps in which – full of relish - the fragments are ‘framed’ with scissors.  The artist as the big kid. Freely, i.e. in a new way, he puts the past connections or relation together to form giant anarchic puzzles. These are expansive installations, flexibly reacting to the respective situations. 

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Christian Deckert, curator of the exhibition ‚Gut ist Drei‘ , with Wulf Aschenborn and Markus Kottmann, Maxhaus, Düsseldorf, 2014 

The gap is of great importance. One could say that Kügler works parallel to life. […] He invents his own form of time. Kügler directly transfers our fragmented perception of time into his drawings, this the segmented element, which motivated the poet Max Gold, standing at a traffic light, to make the remark that he “could not understand people, who crossed the street at a red light; he would not pass up such a time snack”.

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